Nam Tao Huu Yong He Restaurant, we are providing deliciousness, clean and excellent service for all customers to have the pleasure of eating. Thank you everyone for coming.


Nam Tao Huu Yong He Restaurant was established in October 1999. Serving Chinese food (The most famous food from everywhere in China) and offered to the customers both Thai people and foreigners who live in Thailand to try and taste our delicious food.

Restaurant Philosophy (Yong Her restaurant).
1. All ingredients in the cooking will be highlighted and selected
    the best thing. We guarantee quality and satisfaction.
2. Every step of preparation on every kinds of our food will be
    the same as the original one in China.
3. The service will always focus on our customers first,
    Good service with friendly smile.
4. Clean and hygienic.

The most favorite delicious food, we would recommend.
1. Xiao Long Bao Soup
    - Some flour, Able to see clear broth soup and pork inside.
    - Tender pork and mellow soup.
    - Served with thin slices of ginger and Jig Cho sauce
      (Chinese Vinegar sauce) Very tasty when eat it together,
      although swallow it, still delicious.

2. Khanom piah- fried pork, fried dumplings
    - Specially prepared by the same as original one in China.
      Crispy on the outside and mellow soup inside, very tasty.

3. Noodles with stew beef in red soup
    - Beef and Lamb are Selected Only good quality and fresh.
    - We made own noodles, fresh and soft. Taste very good
      with mellow soup. Whoever can taste, itís hard to forget
      this delicious.

4. Soy Milk-Black beans
    - The original, famous book in China said "black beans"
      help with the skin care, Help maintain blood pressure,
      heart disease and especially help women who are
      physically weak, period cramps and who get cold easily.
      Moreover, the "Soy milk-Black beans" can also maintain
      a good health.

5. Plum juice
    - Tasty, Refreshing, Plum juice helps blood circulation and
      Relief from fatigue symptoms

Xiao Long Bao Soup | Khanom piah- fried pork, fried dumplings | Beef Noodle Soup | Lamb Noodle Soup | Soy Milk-Black beans | Plum juice

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